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Playfair Team

<strong>Kim Bourne, CPA, CFP</strong>&#174;<strong>, EA,&#160;CES</strong>
Fearless leader. Extraordinary communicator. <br />Community server. Mom.

Kim Bourne, CPA, CFP®, EA, CES Fearless leader. Extraordinary communicator.
Community server. Mom.

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<b>Christina Rivera</b> <br />Exceptional planner. Thoughtful organizer. <br />Social butterfly. Graceful Dancer.

Christina Rivera
Exceptional planner. Thoughtful organizer.
Social butterfly. Graceful Dancer.

<b>Raymond Tinglin</b> <br />Diligent administrator. Communicator. <br />Soccer coach. Basketball fan.

Raymond Tinglin
Diligent administrator. Communicator.
Soccer coach. Basketball fan.

<b>Linda Firestone</b> <br />Strategic Thinker. CFP candidate. <br />Recipe experimenter. Tennis player.

Linda Firestone
Strategic Thinker. CFP candidate.
Recipe experimenter. Tennis player.

<b>Kavita Manbahal</b>&#160;<br />Amazing Analyst. Virgo.&#160;<br />Future CPA. Bollywood movie watcher.

Kavita Manbahal 
Amazing Analyst. Virgo. 
Future CPA. Bollywood movie watcher.

<b>Loma Risper</b>&#160;<br />Loves clients. And their documents. Process promoter. <br />Life-long learner. Mentor.

Loma Risper 
Loves clients. And their documents. Process promoter.
Life-long learner. Mentor.

<b>Tiffany Balow</b>&#160;<br />Outstanding scheduler. Tireless volunteer. <br />Animal lover. Explorer.

Tiffany Balow 
Outstanding scheduler. Tireless volunteer.
Animal lover. Explorer.