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Playfair Team

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been the cornerstone of my foundation of success.

<b>Kim Bourne, CPA,&#160;</b><b>CFP&#174;,&#160;</b><b>EA, CES</b>&#160;<br />Fearless leader. Extraordinary communicator.&#160;&#160;<br />Community server. Mom.

Kim Bourne, CPA, CFP®, EA, CES 
Fearless leader. Extraordinary communicator.  
Community server. Mom.

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<b>Christina Rivera</b> <br />Exceptional planner. Thoughtful organizer. <br />Social butterfly. Graceful dancer.

Christina Rivera
Exceptional planner. Thoughtful organizer.
Social butterfly. Graceful dancer.

<b>Raymond Tinglin</b> <br />Diligent administrator. Communicator. <br />Soccer coach. Basketball fan.

Raymond Tinglin
Diligent administrator. Communicator.
Soccer coach. Basketball fan.

<b>Linda Firestone,&#160;</b><b>CFP&#174;</b><br />Strategic Thinker. Certified Financial Planner. <br />Recipe experimenter. Tennis player.

Linda Firestone, CFP®
Strategic Thinker. Certified Financial Planner.
Recipe experimenter. Tennis player.

<b>Kavita Manbahal</b>&#160;<br />Amazing Analyst. Virgo.&#160;<br />Future CPA. Bollywood movie watcher.

Kavita Manbahal 
Amazing Analyst. Virgo. 
Future CPA. Bollywood movie watcher.

<b>Loma Risper</b>&#160;<br />Loves clients. And their documents. Process promoter. <br />Life-long learner. Mentor.

Loma Risper 
Loves clients. And their documents. Process promoter.
Life-long learner. Mentor.

<b>Tiffany Balow</b>&#160;<br />Outstanding scheduler. Tireless volunteer. <br />Animal lover. Explorer.

Tiffany Balow 
Outstanding scheduler. Tireless volunteer.
Animal lover. Explorer.

<b>Sean Vayser</b>&#160;<br />Excel Expert. Astounding Researcher.&#160;<br />Thrill Seeker. Skiing Enthusiast.

Sean Vayser 
Excel Expert. Astounding Researcher. 
Thrill Seeker. Skiing Enthusiast.

Sean's Bio in progress