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We manage a wide range of portfolios for leading institutions around the world

With over 25 years of experience, we manage a wide range of portfolios for leading institutions around the world. Your dedicated Playfair Planning team pursues appropriate returns through a range of innovative investment strategies and alternative investments. 

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Our unique approach begins with assembling a great team. Kim had the foresight to design and successfully implement a remote work model years before COVID-19 that attracts top talent while expanding reach to clients outside of New York City. 

Our team takes pride in our environmental, social and governance (ESG) and socially responsible investing (SRI) models designed to ensure that institutional clients’ investment options align with their most deeply-held values.

We work with carefully-selected external managers to provide customized solutions for investing that strive to deliver competitive rates of return and above-benchmark performance. 

Leveraging technology

Leveraging technology

Supported by client-friendly cloud-based technology, we are agile and responsive to clients' needs without sacrificing security protocols.

With the help of sophisticated financial planning software and tools, Playfair can easily enable clients to collaborate with them and their financial plans in real-time.

At every opportunity, we bring greater simplicity and transparency to investment plans and believe in financial advisors’ quantitative alpha measured against goals, outcomes, and family dynamics, not only indices and financial benchmarks.

Capabilities include:

Capabilities include:

+ Investment Planning

+ Retirement Planning

+ College Funding Strategies

+ Wealth Protection Planning

+ Estate Planning

+ Smart Tax Strategies

+ Maximizing Employee Benefits

+ Sustainable Investing