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Black Briefcase®

Client Centered

Black Briefcase® is our signature program designed to provide Black professionals and corporate executives with the money rules that lead to financial success. Black families are highly motivated to achieve financial stability but face significant headwinds to wealth accumulation and intergenerational transfers.

A lot of mainstream financial advice assumes that everyone has similar information. In reality, different conversations are happening in many Black households. Black professionals are far less represented regarding financial asset holdings, from real estate to retirement accounts, investment funds, or direct stock ownership.

Participants who attend Black Briefcase® come away with strategies that strengthen their financial outlook, narrow the economic wealth gap, and prepare their heirs to inherit wisdom and wealth.


A case brief summarizes the main points in a legal decision. Each brief reduces a complex document to its key principles. Leaving a legacy is like practicing law. Our legacy case briefs will help your family connect your words, continue your wisdom, and curate your wealth. Black case briefs are available upon request.


  • Foundational tools that strive for financial equity, not just equality.
  • Conversational scripts to talk about money with Black family members.
  • Eye-opening trends about spending habits in the Black community.
  • Guidance to reduce taxes and ensure there are no "surprises.”
  • Resources to invest in your children's future with tax-advantaged investment vehicles and managing student loan debt.
  • Risk mitigation information for diversified portfolios with appropriate asset allocation, debt management, and insurance planning.
  • Wealth accumulation Intelligence that directs asset preservation, large purchases, and passive and portfolio income.
  • Tips for enjoying your retirement lifestyle and for stretching your nest egg beyond your lifetime.
  • Estate planning tools that will bring your heirs closer together.
  • Charitable giving strategies focused on improving the condition of Black people.

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