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Discover Your Money Language

Guiding clients along every step of their financial journey is a commitment that Playfair Planning takes seriously.  Simply having a tailored Financial Road Map® will not guarantee success. Good coaches understand that their effectiveness is directly tied to their ability to communicate. This essential—but often overlooked—skill is the foundation of our relationships with our clients. Our partnership with is key to understanding the way our clients think, feel and behave regarding money.

Money Languages has brought together an interdisciplinary team of academic researchers, practitioners and designers to develop a scientifically-validated, online assessment that determines what “money language” an individual speaks.  Knowing your money language wont change our advice. However, speaking your money language enables us to guide you more effectively along your journey.

Playfair offers both potential and existing clients the opportunity to take the 3-5 minute Money Languages assessment at no cost. Our brief questions asks you to rate your reaction—from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”—on a series of statements about your attitudes and behaviors related to money. You are not required to reveal any private financial information. Your results help us to understand your unique way of approaching financial issues. For more information on how knowing how Money Languages can complement your financial household, contact us. 

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