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Upcoming Women's Council Breakfast

Playfair Women's Advisory Breakfast

March 6 2020: Retire on Purpose

Research has uncovered that purpose is just as significant during your post-working life as it
was during the time you were employed. Viewing retirement as a time of aging and decline
is outdated.

Enjoy breakfast while you:

  • Prepare for the emotional shifts that happen in retirement.
  • Pair your natural abilities with your interests.
  • Discover opportunities and activities that give your life purpose.
  • Facilitate conversations about planning your financial resources.
  • Identify specific goals and work to construct a customized financial plan.
Many retirees feel a “sugar rush” of excitement early in retirement only to be followed by a
crash of boredom and sometimes emptiness. Retirement is a turning point, an opportunity
to learn, to discover, and to focus on interests that were deferred due to life’s demands.
Explore perspectives on how to cultivate the power of your purpose and embrace the unique
possibilities of your future.

You will also have the opportunity to meet influential female leaders, like yourself, from the
New York City business community.

Guest Speakers & Hosts- Jason Melnick, Regional Vice President, Jackson National and Ryan
Haezebrouck, Vice President of BlackRock Retirement Insurance Group
Email to request an invitation.