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Who Plans With Playfair?

Most Playfair clients are successful entrepreneurs and professionals: family-oriented, between 35 and 55, with household incomes of roughly $100,000 and assets in excess of $500,000.

Beyond these numbers, Kim's clients have some characteristics in common. Typically, the men and women who come to Playfair are:

Intelligent - smart and wise about their money

Hardworking - hours long beyond 8 to 5

Sincere - candid, earnest, seeking honesty when it comes to money

Seeking a coach - they see continual value in a long-term relationship

Goal-minded - with definite financial objectives

Altruistic - they care about people and community, they want to make a difference<

Serious - they want to plan consistently

Committed - persistent, willing to try many things to achieve results

Realistic - wise enough to know they can't know everything, and wise enough not to plan the future alone

What do they have to say BEFORE planning with Playfair?

"We get sales pressure from our current relationship - not the help we need."

"We've never had any tax planning or insurance planning."

"I think we're unaware of all the options that are out there."

"No one took the time to explain to us what they were doing."

What do they have to say AFTER planning with Playfair?

"You've added clarity to our lives."

"You keep us on our toes."

"You've removed our anxiety."

"You help keep us focused on what's really important."

"We feel - we know - that we've done the right things to protect our lifestyle."

"We've really enjoyed the ongoing support you provide."

See how positive and beneficial planning with Playfair can be. E-mail Kim Bourne today, to request an appointment or to ask a question.