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How Kim Works

Kim Bourne and Playfair offer tax, insurance and estate planning services to clients.

What is the planning process like?

  • First, clients talk with Kim Bourne - a conversation that helps Kim discover their values and goals.
  • Following this in-depth conversation, Kim denotes the steps that will be instrumental in reducing taxes and potentially protecting assets.
  • From here, Kim and Playfair can address tax issues, estate planning and insurance selection.

The Benchmarks

At scheduled intervals, Kim will answer your questions and update you about Playfair's progress in servicing your referrals. Kim commits to contacting you proactively.

Insurance Review

All insurance policies will be reviewed whenever there are changes in your financial situation that could affect your insurance needs. Kim will review each policy to make sure that you have the right types of insurance, for the right amounts and at the right prices.

Income Tax Planning

During the last two months of each year Kim will do serious income tax planning for you with two objectives in mind:

Seek ways to reduce taxes, and…Make sure there are no "surprises" come next April

Income Tax Preparation

During the first quarter of each year, Playfair will prepare your tax return for you.

Estate Planning

Once every five years, Kim will review and update your estate plan with the objective of:

  • Establishing a plan so your money can be passed on to your heirs
  • Creating a structure that will bring your heirs closer together, as opposed to many estate plans which create animosity and conflicts about the money after you're gone

Compelling Reasons to Plan with Playfair

  • So you can simplify your life So you can remove uncertainty surrounding tax and insurance issues
  • So you can free up your time
  • So you can work with a life advisor that understands money
  • So you can focus on the important things - your mental, physical and spiritual well-being
  • So you can plan to transfer your estate to heirs
  • So you can have fun with friends and family, and live even more meaningfully

But the most compelling reason is the one that draws client after client to Kim Bourne's door: she delivers what she promises. That's why people choose her as their life advisor. That's why people plan with Playfair.

E-mail Kim today.