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Linda Firestone Bio

Linda Firestone, CFP®

Financial Strategist


The first step in developing an inspiring financial strategy is discovering what's important to you. As your Financial Strategist, I provide the GPS along your financial journey. Plotting your destinations, correcting course when you get side-tracked, and continuously tracking your progress creates the needed accountability to build your legacy. I'm an avid reader, and I love to keep my finger on the pulse of the stock market. My role combines my passion for reading with discovering your financial possibilities.

Sharing your joy as you reach your financial destinations and celebrating your milestones is the most rewarding aspect of my work. Because of the strategic alliances formed with other financial professionals, our firm goes beyond investment advice to assist you with tedious tasks like shopping for favorable rates for lines of credit or insurance products. We have a best-in-class process for vetting attorneys and other subject matter experts whose advice is critical to your success. I simplify complex employment-related incentives and benefits, ensuring that you leverage executive compensation plans while minimizing your tax liability.

Allow us to sift through the numbers to extract the salient points you need to make informed decisions.

Let us set your compass. 

Let us keep you focused on the things in life that are more important than money.