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Kim Bourne

Client Centered

A Place Where Dreams Grow

Kim Bourne has set up her business to serve family-oriented professionals - residents of the five boroughs and surrounding suburbs who want to enhance their quality of life by making the right financial decisions.

At Playfair Planning Services, located in the heart of Canarsie, Kim advises financially independent women, successful entrepreneurs, and young professionals - New York natives and recent arrivals with planning for the future.

Many of Kim's clients have become good friends. People like coming to her office; they trust her judgement and the way she does business by the Golden Rule.

Kim's role in her clients' lives is much that of a primary care physician - except her specialty is money. She communicates with their other trusted advisors - fellow CPAs, insurance agents, attorneys - so that everyone is kept in the loop.

A Truly Caring Professional

A Truly Caring Professional

Maintaining your quality of life, planning to reduce income and estate taxes, making sure you're a good steward of your wealth - it all takes time.

Kim realizes your time is valuable, and her planning makes the most of it. Many of her clients are goal-oriented, starting to think about retirement, devoted to their families and communities as well as their careers.

Kim knows the importance of commitment, and how what we do with what we've been given can impact others. Her commitment is to you: her tax and estate planning is specific to your life and goals.

A Real Find

In the financial world, Kim is a rare gem - practicing what she knows to deliver desired results and life-affirming. She firmly believes that comprehensive service and continued support is crucial to your well being. See for yourself: make a smart choice for your future.

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