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Kevin T. Hutt Bio

Kevin T. Hutt, CPA, CFP®, MBA

Conscious Vegetarian 


Kevin wakes up each morning energized to help others thrive. As a vegetarian, he goes the extra mile to eat foods that fuel his body and mind. What happens when you are that intentional about the impact of your financial diet? You benefit from essential ingredients critical to your wellness and financial longevity.
Kevin has carefully crafted our financial menu of services. He chooses the right investments and  strives to outpace inflation and outperform key metrics.

He is affiliated with non-profit organizations, including Board Trustee, Bon Secours Baltimore Health Systems, Treasurer of the Celebration Community Development Corporation; Director of Men In Ministry of Celebration Church, Columbia, MD.

Perhaps you wonder, about the source of Kevin's impeccable character.  The Legacy team gives Kevin's Mom the credit  for our investment philosophy which is rooted Kevin's personal philosophy. His Mom barely had an 8th grade education, but she connected her words in a way that instilled values in her children.  When you speak with Kevin, you will often her her voice. She passed on her wisdom leaving a legacy  for our firm and for generations to come. This wisdom is at the core of the Legacy Experience.  Let Kevin lead your family to connect your words, continue your wisdom, and curate your wealth. What are the words that Kevin lives by? "My life will not be cut short by anything that goes in my mouth." Likewise, he acts with precision when selecting investments to put in your portfolio. His mother's wisdom and his spiritual guidance informs his every action- as a husband, a father, a grandfather, and the leader of your financial life. He can’t wait to hear who influenced you , what you have learned, and your plans to thrive as we emerge from the pandemic together.