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Five Wishes Advanced Directive

All About Five Wishes

COVID-19 has prompted an unimaginable journey, bringing significant challenges to every single one of us. The impact and tragedy of this disease were undoubtedly devastating to many families. However, there are important lessons to be learned from this pandemic. For one, we should dedicate more resources and efforts towards planning for the future, whatever it may entail. Most of the deaths caused by COVID-19 were so sudden that many ended up without a chance to share their decisions on end of life care with their family.   

Playfair Planning Services has partnered with Aging with Dignity to create a guide for starting this conversation. Five Wishes is a living will that covers your personal, emotional, and spiritual needs, along with your medical wishes. Much has changed due to COVID-19, and it has brought us a new sense of urgency to re-evaluate our end of life care.  

In the Five Wishes document, you will see five sections that guide you to make decisions for:   

  1. The Person I Want To Make Health Care Decisions For Me When I Can't Make Them For Myself  
  2. My Wish For The Kind Of Medical Treatment I Want Or Don't Want  
  3. My Wish For How Comfortable I Want To Be  
  4. My Wish For How I Want People To Treat Me  
  5. My Wish For What I Want My Loved Ones To Know    

Over 30 million families have used the Five Wishes to document their living will or advance directive. Written in everyday language, you can make your Five Wishes legally known through an easy-to-use advance directive document.   

Please take the time to share your Five Wishes with the people you love and trust the most.    

For more information on how a Five Wishes document can complement your financial household, contact us.