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The New Look Of Playfair Planning Services

The New Look Of Playfair Planning Services

October 22, 2020

Just as Autumn is a time of beauty and change, we at Playfair Planning have also evolved to better reflect who we are and what we offer our clients. As I take a moment to enjoy the wonder of nature, it seems a good time to share a little about our new look and what we hope to inspire as we guide you on your financial journey.

The redesigned website provides a much clearer picture of what we offer our clients and how we can help you in the pursuit of your financial goals. Better navigation and revised content make it easier for you to quickly find the tools and resources you need while providing a platform for sharing the latest financial news and planning tips.

The new logo is particularly meaningful to me as it symbolizes the significant impact my childhood friend, Camille Ann Playfair, had on me and my practice. Camille’s uplifting spirit and dedication, made all that more poignant by the untimely death of her and two of her children, made me keenly aware of the unforeseen challenges that life brings and the importance of being financially prepared.

It’s then that I decided to commit myself to protecting families and helping them reach for the life they always wanted. An elegant bird, the dove reflects the release of the soul from worldly concerns. It’s intimately aware of its environment at all times and inspires us to spread our wings and allow ourselves to reach higher heights.

In that same way, Playfair Planning is dedicated to help chase your dreams while safeguarding your loved ones. Together, we’ll take an in-depth look at your financial situation, goals and concerns for the future and develop a financial plan to help prepare you for life’s journey and all the wonderful things it has to offer.