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Apprenticeship Internship

Is this you?

  • Creative, entrepreneurial minded, and motivated by the “big picture”, not just educational credits or stipends
  • Results-driven, highly motivated, self-starter who possesses integrity and have demonstrated top academic excellence and community service leadership 
  • Responsible, flexible, possesses strong work ethic, and desire to help others
  • Serious about a career in the financial services industry or one day owning your own business
  • Passionate about financial literacy and concerned about global financial inequity

As a finisher, who knows that effort is not enough, you will be challenged and enlivened working in a small business on your journey to self- mastery. It will be exciting to be a part of small business as we drive the American economy and are best positioned to help you develop the skills needed to succeed in every aspect of your life.

Learn what it’s like to be part of a team that will set yourself up for the future embracing our philosophy of 12E Leadership™. As an alum of our internship program, you will gain a deeper understanding about the 12 E’s (Expectations) that must be met to not only amass your own personal wealth, but to also decrease global financial inequity. Through your leadership journey, your will gain access to thought leaders at some of the finest institutions and corporations in the country as well as learning skills to develop new relationships that continuously improve the quality of our program.

Apply for an internship at Playfair Planning Services. You’ll receive a customized experience. Whatever your circumstances and availability, you will find an opportunity that works with your schedule, passions, and interests.

Rolling Admissions

Internship content, start and end dates are customizable. Just like our clients, we recognize that each student is different and seek to personalize a program that meets your strengths and natural work style without interfering with your academic schedule. This includes comprehensive training to ensure you will fit into our firm quickly. You will gain skills, network with other interns and senior managers, and build your understanding of the financial services industry. You will also have a senior mentor and junior mentor to help you settle in. Training includes:

  • Orientation to Playfair Planning Services
  • Business overviews
  • Web based tutorials
  • In-depth financial markets and product training
  • Division-specific training
  • Lectures and presentations from line professionals.


Real World Experience in Real Teams

At Playfair Planning Services, you’re not just an intern; you are a potential full-time employee in training. That’s why you’ll be integrated into a team and given a real role with tangible projects. You will apply to and join a specific division, where you will benefit from further learning events, presentations, meetings and networking opportunities. This extends to an initial Kolbe Assessment and formal appraisal process; designed to focus on your individual objectives and give you feedback on any areas of improvement throughout the internship. Kolbe Indexes are fun and easy to complete online in less than 20 minutes. They are different from other self-assessments because they don't measure how smart you are (thinking) or what your personality is like (feeling). Rather, Kolbe Indexes measure how you naturally DO things.


Additional Exposure

We will throw many opportunities your way. Depending on the time of year that you intern, you will be exposed to cash flow and debt management, investment management, tax planning and preparation, retirement planning, special situations planning, and legacy, estate and heritage planning. You will meet several Portfolio Managers and Industry Leaders. You will be given a special project to complete; the results of which you will present to your peers.

How We Will Reward You

You can expect competitive results-based stipend, several benefits, and plenty of recognition for your achievements. 

  • Attendance at monthly conferences and/or audits with Regional Directors from Internal Revenue Service or companies like Invesco, MetLife, John Hancock, Jackson National, etc.
  • All-expense paid travel within the US to top notch financial services conventions which provide excellent networking opportunities with some of the best financial service professionals from around the globe
  • All expenses paid travel retreat to review company objectives and progress
  • Unique leadership and project management opportunities
  • Most importantly, insider knowledge of how to create your own personal wealth and eradicate global poverty



While many are based in New York, there are also virtual internships that are available across the country.


Candidates applying for the Playfair Planning Services Apprenticeship Program can be full time or part-time high school or college students. In addition:

  • People and process oriented as opposed to transaction and task focused
  • Minimum 3.2 GPA
  • Demonstrated leadership ability exemplified through previous work experiences and extracurricular opportunities
  • Self-awareness and capacity to exemplify 12E Leadership™
  • Strong attention-to-detail and able to manage multiple tasks


Support for CFP and CPA Candidates

During our year-long Master’s Program working under the supervision of a CPA and CFP, our interns gain valuable experience that meet the criterion for both the CPA and CFP designations.


Support for International Students

After successful completion of a two-year Fellowship in the US, eligible Fellows are supported through the process of connecting with sponsoring employers.


To apply click on the below link: