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Guiding You Along Your Financial Journey

We help you make wise choices about your money so you can accomplish your goals. Together, we’ll develop a personalized Financial Road Map® to get your financial house in order and help you preserve it for the rest of your life.

Kim Bourne,<br /> CPA, CFP&#174;, EA,&#160;CES&#160;

Kim Bourne,

I’ve been helping affluent clients make smart choices about their money and accomplish their most important goals for almost 10 years.  Playfair Planning started with a simple idea - help people so they could do all the things they wanted and not worry about running out of money. Over the years, we’ve implemented far more comprehensive financial services — empowering our clients to help fulfill their aspirations. Seeing people like you experience genuine happiness and security is the most rewarding part of my job.

Linda Firestone,<br /> CFP&#174;

Linda Firestone,

I’m here to support the orchestration of your plan and hold the team accountable, including you, to ensure the greatest probability for success. I’m committed to helping you reach your financial goals through constant monitoring, implementation support, and tax-planning.  My experience spans over 25 years, with a focus in strategic planning and management. I've helped to develop and implement goal-focused budgeting to reduce costs and help keep clients on track. I also hold an Advanced Diploma in Certified Financial Planning.

How We Work

At Playfair Planning, we believe in trust and transparency throughout the process. We’ll develop a written plan based on a deep conversation about what you want to accomplish and what’s important to you. Your plan will encompass ten essential services and we have a team of subject matter experts across every area of finance to help customize it to fit your unique needs.  

During our first meeting, we’ll create an initial roadmap and answer questions about our services and what you can expect from our firm. If we mutually agree that we’re a good fit, we’ll begin the development of a more comprehensive plan.

Our small, affluent community of client families is passionate about pursuing their goals and committed to the comprehensive financial plans we develop to help them do that. 

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