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Explorers and Trailblazers

The Experience

<strong>Kavita Manbahal</strong>

Kavita Manbahal

My experience as an Intern at Playfair has been amazing! I felt welcomed and apart of the company from day one. The daily self-assessments have given me a chance not only to reflect on my productivity for the day but also to see my growth as the days and weeks go by. Throughout this internship, I am developing and strengthening my skills, in addition to adding value to this company!

<strong>Sean Vayser</strong>

Sean Vayser

Being an intern at Playfair has served as an amazing learning experience. I’ve been assigned tasks that align with my interests, allowing me to grow my knowledge in fields that I am interested in—like finance—while being able to contribute directly to the firm’s success. The internship has also made me more comfortable working in an online environment, while expanding my communication and organizational skills.

<strong>Jackeline Perez</strong>

Jackeline Perez

I’ve been part of the team since Jan 2020. I’ve been able to gain experience and knowledge of what it’s like to work in an online business for the first time. This company welcomes feedback that helps and encourages the team’s personal growth. I appreciate Playfair’s respect and guidance for my goals.

<strong>Lloyd Pierre</strong>

Lloyd Pierre

I started as an intern summer of 2020. I enjoy this whole new world. I am exposed to various resources I have never dreamed of using. Playfair helps me improve my communications skills and social activity to a point where it is second nature. My team is very supportive and endearing to a point where I feel like family.

Client Centered

Our technical and administrative professionals and our interns are explorers and trailblazers who clear the path along our client’s financial journey. They are the essential resource in our service commitment to our clients. Maintaining a discipline of excellence, enthusiasm, empathy, effectiveness, and elegance, we nurture and maximize talent for each individual and our firm.

Rediscover Success at Work

Every team member makes progress toward a more fulfilling lifestyle while working at Playfair. We take the time to learn what’s important to each member of our team and plot their goals on their personal Success Road Map®. Work is challenging, meaningful, and enjoyable.

Our Internships

Apply for an internship at Playfair Planning Services. You’ll receive a customized experience. Whatever your circumstances and availability, you will find an opportunity that works with your schedule, passions, and interests. 

Rolling Admissions

Internship content, start, and end dates are customizable. Just like our clients, we recognize that each student is different. We seek to personalize a program that meets your strengths and natural work style without interfering with your academic schedule. This includes comprehensive training to ensure you will fit into our firm quickly. You will gain skills, network with other interns and senior managers, and build your understanding of the financial services industry.

Real-World Experience in Real Teams

At Playfair Planning Services, you’ll be integrated into a team and given a role with meaningful responsibility. You will benefit from educational events, presentations, meetings, and networking opportunities. Personal assessments and appraisals focus on your strengths and measure how you naturally do things. Training and mentorship include:

  • Orientation to Playfair Planning Services
  • Anti-bias and anti-racist training
  • Free Membership in Toastmasters International
  • Web-based tutorials
  • In-depth financial markets and product training
  • Division-specific training
  • Lectures and presentations from line professionals.

Additional Exposure

Depending on the time of year that you intern, you may be exposed to cash flow and debt management, investment management, tax planning and preparation, retirement planning, special situations planning, and legacy, estate, and heritage planning. You may interact with portfolio managers and industry leaders.

How We Will Reward You

You can expect a competitive results-based stipend, several benefits, and recognition for your achievements. 

  • Sponsorship with Toastmasters International
  • Attendance at monthly conferences 
  • All-expense paid travel within the US to top-notch financial services conventions 
  • All-expense paid travel retreat to review company objectives and progress
  • Unique leadership and project management opportunities
  • Most importantly, insider knowledge of how to create wealth


Virtual internships are available to students across the country.


Candidates applying for internships at Playfair Planning Services can be full time or part-time college students and graduates who:

  • Maintain a 3.2 GPA
  • Demonstrate leadership ability exemplified through previous work experiences or extracurricular opportunities
  • Have attention-to-detail and the ability to manage multiple tasks

Support for CPA and CFP® Candidates

During our year-long Trailblazer Program, our interns gain valuable experience that meets the criterion for both the CPA and CFP® designations.

Support for International Students

After completing a two-year fellowship in the US, eligible Fellows are supported by connecting with and sponsoring employers.

College and Scholarship Planning Sheet

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